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HFJ No. 53 - Whitetail Rut Recap - Part 2


Thu, 16 January 2014

Welcome back to the Hunt Fish Journal! This show we go over how the Hunt Fish Journal and friends did during the seek stage of the rut. This is part two and we will be talking to Walt Mitchell, Shawn Cox, Michael Webster, Dan, Greg and Jerry. In this podcast you will hear some of the difficulties we encountered as well as the successes. I would add that the 3 Bucks taken and the one that Shawn shot and never recovered were all record book Bucks. Truly a successful rut for the HFJ and friends.   We would also like to thank you our Listeners for making 2013 our best year ever!!

Thank you Walt Mitchell, Shawn Cox and Michael Webster for the time spent to do this show!

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Thanks Again

Greg and Dan

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