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HFJ No. 8 - Crappie fishing 101

Wed, 2 June 2010

Welcome to the the Hunt Fish Journal 8. This month Dan and Greg talk about crappie fishing and go over different techniques on how to catch this tasty game fish. We didn't get this show out as soon as we wanted to over the last month.  I lost my voice and couldn't finish parts of the show. We would just like to apologize to our faithful listeners as we strife to bring these podcasts to you monthly.

We would also like to welcome a new sponsor to the show Dearwester's Estates. A place where you can afford to live and still afford to travel, hunt and fish. Dearwester's has 3 great communities to live in serving Butler, Montgomery and Preble counties in Ohio. Contact Dearwester's by phone at 937-298-4664 or on line at

Also June 19th is the free Kids Fishing Derby at Dan's Sport Shop.

Dan has held this free fishing derby for kids for 14 years with the help of many sponsors and donations. Many prizes will be given away along with free t-shirts and food.

If you would like to become a sponsor or make a donation to the kids derby, contact Dan at 937-452-7236

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