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HFJ No. 6 - part 2 Day in the life of a hunter, Interview Brian Stephens buck

Sat, 6 March 2010

This is HFJ No.6  Dan finishes the thoughts of the hunt story after letting us all hang by ending the story as he took aim on a eight or more point buck. Greg and Dan discuss the story and if it was real or fictional. 

Greg moves to talk about a 10 point he took and how strong the emotions are when a hunter connects on a buck and how a good hunt can turn bad when coyotes get involved in the search for your deer.

Dan sets up an interview with Brian Stephens at DNR district 5 after the scoring of his buck. Dan also interviews all the different people involved with this scoring. Brian's buck is truly a magnificent trophy with a heavy set of antlers. 

Thanks Again for listening

Dan and Greg  

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