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HFJ No. 5 - Day in the life of a hunter, Deer Stats, Winter Fish report.

Fri, 29 January 2010

Dan and Greg talk about the Asian Carp, Ohio hunters feeding the hungry, and Dan tells the thoughts of a day hunting deer. This cast is a HFJ Short to stay in touch with hunters and fisherman through out the world. The Deer season has about a week or so left and it's getting colder here in the midwest.

We will be interviewing Stephens of the Stephen Buck on Jan 30 at the scoring of his buck. This should be in the February cast. We will be gearing up for the 2010 fishing season. Crappie fishing is big in Ohio along with the king of fish, at least in my book, the Large Mouth Bass!!! Nothing like a big bass blasting a top water lure just before sundown on a warm summer evening. Crickets and frogs singing in the background.   Sounds Great!!!

Thank you all for your taking time to listen and for your input to the show.

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Thanks Again

Greg Barnhart, Dan Stapleton