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HFJ - No. - 151 - Kylie McCrea Turkey slam 12 year old


In this show we cutch up with Kylie McCrea on the road to Nebraska to hunt turkey. Kylie comes from a family thats enthusiastic about hunting and has taken some impressive birds as well as deer. Kylie harvested her first turkey at the age of 5 and has since gone on to complete the Turkey Slam!! Harvesting the 4 different turkey species in the US. The Eastern, Osceola, Rio Grand and the Merriam. A great accomplishment for any hunter, but at the age of 12, Kylie has done this 3 times and is about to finish up on Slam No. 4. In this show Kylie and dad Eric talk about Kylie's early beginnings and the family that loves to hunt and be outdoors. Kylie will be talking about hunting with her friend Megan in Nebraska and how you can help support their efforts to help make dreams come true for children to get to enjoy this great sport. We appreciate all our HFJ listeners.


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