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HFJ - No.154 - Mark Martin

  Fri,  26  May  2017   This show we welcome back Mark Martin (hall of fame walleye fisherman) to the HFJ. Mark talks about areas to target for walleye and what he would use to catch these magnificent fish at this early time in the U.P. of Michigan. These tactics can be applied in many waters and locations across the country. Mark goes into the details of the different kinds of structure and bottom terrain to look for as well as types of lines, lures, reels and pole he uses for the different fishing methods. Mark also ...

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HFJ - No. - 151 - Kylie McCrea Turkey slam 12 year old

  Wed, 12 April 2017 In this show we cutch up with Kylie McCrea on the road to Nebraska to hunt turkey. Kylie comes from a family thats enthusiastic about hunting and has taken some impressive birds as well as deer. Kylie harvested her first turkey at the age of 5 and has since gone on to complete the Turkey Slam!! Harvesting the 4 different turkey species in the US. The Eastern, Osceola, Rio Grand and the Merriam. A great accomplishment for any hunter, but at the age of 12, Kylie has done this 3 times and is about to finish up on Slam No. 4. In ...

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HFJ - No. - 125 - Fly fishing with Scott Davis

  Tuesday, 7  June  2016 This week we welcome Scott Davis to the HFJ. Scott is a avid Fly Fisherman with many years experience fishing the streams and teaching fly fishing. In this show Scott goes over the equipment used from the various kinds of flies, pole weights, and lines to the kinds of casts made and their uses. Scott also talks about how he got started fly fishing. His experience can help you get started in this great sport. Thank you Scott Davis for the time to do this show. Thank you ...

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HFJ - No. - 122 - Addicted to the Outdoors Jon and Gina Brunson

  Friday, 29  April  2016 This week we talk with Jon & Gina Brunson of the television show ADDICTED TO THE OUTDOORS. We get a view into the history of this successful husband and wife hunting team. We learn how they balance their passion for the outdoors, especially hunting whitetails, with family life and the managing of their associated production companies. We talk about subjects from bow fishing to how they hunt that magic month of November. The Rut! Thank you to our listeners  Greg, Dan and Jerry           &...

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HFJ - No.115 - Rut Roundup Part 3

  Sunday, 27  Dec  2015 In this third show of the Rut Roundup we talk to Paul Kurtz about a true trophy Paul took in Ohio and then we head north to talk to Russell Benz in Ontario Canada. Russell contacted the show and sent us a picture of a buck he took on a tinker stand. We were so impressed we ask Russell to come on the Rut Roundup to tell his story. Then we turn our sights southward to West Oklahoma to talk with Jacob Whiteley about his hunt this year. We here at the Hunt Fish ...

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HFJ - No.114 - Rut Roundup Part 2

  Tues, 15  Dec  2015 This Week in part 2 of the Rut Roundup 3 part series, we head down to Mississippi to talk to Henry and Lakeisha Woodard, field staff members of the HFJ about how their scrape hunting went during the seek stage of the rut, Then we come back to Ohio to talk to Terry Hurst and his daughter Amy about how she killed her first deer. Then it's back down south to Arkansas to talk to Sawyer Hall about how he harvested a nice Buck utilizing the rut calculator                  &...

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HFJ - NO.113 - Rut Roundup 2015 Part - 1 of 3

  Mon, 7 Dec  2015 This is the 1st of 3 Rut Roundup show for the 2015 deer season. In this show we are going to talk to 4 different people who use our methods for taking deer over scrapes or as a result of the scrapes and the deer scent used to activate licking branches, scrapes and the trail they walk in on. These tactics when properly used can be a powerful tool in bringing mature deer into your hunting site. We will talk to Cole Barnett, Bill (no last name) Walt Mitchell and Jerry Everhart in part 1 of the 3 part ...

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HFJ No. 3 - Hunting Tactics

Thu, 3 December 2009 Dan and Greg talk over rut hunting tactics for big bucks and go over some of the new deer calls. Dan talks about why he created the World Classics Scoring System. Greg and Dan welcome Paul Lyles of Wildlife Creations Taxidermy. You can contact the Hunt Fish Journal at to make comments or leave feedback. Dan and I would like to thank you for listening to the podcast    

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HFJ No. 2 - The Rut

Thu, 29 October 2009 Dan and Greg talk about the the rut and products that can help you get a shot    

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HFJ No. 1 - The Hunt Fish Journal Deer Season

Wed, 30 September 2009 Dan and Greg talk about getting ready for the hunt, Scent elimination, Seeking permission to hunt, and Mock scrapes.    

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