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HFJ No. 12 - Rut chase stage and why you want to hunt this stage of the Rut!

  Fri, 12 November 2010 We bring back Jerry to tell what days for the chase he calculated and to talk about his Buck kill. Rut chase stage and why you want to hunt this stage of the Rut Sorry for the episode that didn't play. here is the reload.     Products Featured on this Episode:   < /audio>  

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HFJ No. 11 - Calculating the Big Bucks Pre Rut Method with Jerry Everhart

Wed, 27 October 2010 This month, the long anticipated Rut season is near.  Dan and Greg are excited to bring back Jerry Everhart to the Hunt Fish Journal.  In this episode Jerry explains his method of calculating the prime days during the Pre Rut season to hunt the Big Bucks and how he goes about drawing them into the kill zone.  Jerry began keeping detailed records of his hunts over 30 years ago with the goal in mind to find a method to determine what triggers the Big Bucks to start moving, making them vulnerable to the hunter.  After ...

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HFJ No. 10 - Dan & Greg Celebrate 1 year, Interview Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures

Fri, 24 September 2010 This months show is a special show for Dan and Greg.  It was September 30th one year ago that we started this podcast with the deer hunter in mind.  Dan and Greg have enjoyed doing these podcasts over the last year.  It all got started a couple of years back when Greg discovered a podcast about hunting in the Michigan U.P.  After taking a ten point buck. That podcast encouraged Greg to start up a hunt talk show that would showcase hunting topics to promote the products and the Great outdoors.  It ...

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HFJ No. 8 - Crappie fishing 101

Wed, 2 June 2010 Welcome to the the Hunt Fish Journal 8. This month Dan and Greg talk about crappie fishing and go over different techniques on how to catch this tasty game fish. We didn't get this show out as soon as we wanted to over the last month.  I lost my voice and couldn't finish parts of the show. We would just like to apologize to our faithful listeners as we strife to bring these podcasts to you monthly.We would also like to welcome a new sponsor to the show Dearwester's Estates. A place where you can afford to ...

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HFL No. 7 - Turkey Hunting

Thu, 15 April 2010 Welcome to the Hunt Fish Journal. This month we will be talking with Jerry Everhart on hunting turkey with a bow. Jerry has been hunting turkey with his bow to create a stronger challenge.Jerry was the influence in Dan'd life early on that got him interested in archery.Join Dan and myself as we interview Jerry Everhart a man who not only understandsturkey hunting but is an exceptional deer hunter.  Comments, questions and or thoughts email the Hunt Fish Journal at Thank You for listening Greg & Dan      

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HFJ No. 6 - part 2 Day in the life of a hunter, Interview Brian Stephens buck

Sat, 6 March 2010 This is HFJ No.6  Dan finishes the thoughts of the hunt story after letting us all hang by ending the story as he took aim on a eight or more point buck. Greg and Dan discuss the story and if it was real or fictional.  Greg moves to talk about a 10 point he took and how strong the emotions are when a hunter connects on a buck and how a good hunt can turn bad when coyotes get involved in the search for your deer. Dan sets up an interview with Brian Stephens at DNR ...

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HFJ No. 4 - Stephens Buck, Muzzleloading, Female Deer Hunter interview

Wed, 13 January 2010 Dan and Greg talk about the deer muzzleloading season, The Stephens Buck thats possibly the new Ohio State record. The HFJ interviews a female deer hunter on opening day of the ohio deer gun season and the DNR on how to check the age of a deer. The two interviews are recorded at Dan's Sport Shop on opening day and there is ambient noise of the fish tanks and hunters coming and going. HFJ welcomes to the show Mathews, Hemisphere Coffee Roasters, Gold Tip Arrows, and Devastator Game Calls. Sorry this is so late getting out. Dan and ...

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HFJ No. 5 - Day in the life of a hunter, Deer Stats, Winter Fish report.

Fri, 29 January 2010 Dan and Greg talk about the Asian Carp, Ohio hunters feeding the hungry, and Dan tells the thoughts of a day hunting deer. This cast is a HFJ Short to stay in touch with hunters and fisherman through out the world. The Deer season has about a week or so left and it's getting colder here in the midwest.We will be interviewing Stephens of the Stephen Buck on Jan 30 at the scoring of his buck. This should be in the February cast. We will be gearing up for the 2010 fishing season. Crappie fishing is big in Ohio ...

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HFJ No. 9 - River Smallmouth tactics, Interview with Southern Ohio Sportsmen's owner

Sat, 24 July 2010 Welcome to HFJ No.9.This month Greg talks about wading the Stillwater River. Wading for Smallmouth Bass in the rivers of Ohio is truly one of the best ways to catch this strong fighting, surface breaking, hook throwing, bronze back Bass thats well sought after by many an angler.  Greg goes over some techniques that helped him and friends catch many smallmouth as well as many Rock-bass when the Smallmouth stop biting. Greg started walking the rivers and creeks of Ohio as a young man and covers lure presentation, areas where bass hang out and some areas ...

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