Good podcast
by bnorthl - Nov 29, 2010
This is one of the few outdoor related podcasts that I regularly tune in to. The guys do a great job making their topics helpful to listeners rather than just “shooting the breeze”. Keep up the good work.


Good and clean
by Boog32l - Jan 03, 2011
Great podcast! You guys are clean and fun to listen to.


Keep it up!
by 123JV - Nov 17, 2012
Guys you’re doing a great job. The interview with Fred Eichler was like going down to the old neighborhood hardware store and listening to one of the local heroes. Thank you. Jonathan Varnell


Good Stuff!
by Dixie mud88 - Nov 24, 2012
Good podcast, actually its great. Lots of good and interesting information, especially for bow hunters.


by 12345482992 - Jun 14, 2013
This is by far in my opinion the best and most professionally created show for hunters and outdoorsmen. All mese guys really know their topics and interview great guest. This podcast and the Foremost Hunting podcast both really outshine most other shows in Quality... Thanks for all the hours you put into it. It really shows!


Great Teachers of Hunt Fish
by jkelbe - Sep 23, 2013
These guys have been very helpful as I strive to learn more about deer behavior and deer hunting. They talk about hunting scrapes for big bucks, they have had some great success and with their help, I hope to replicate their success down in Texas.

Love tuning in!
by Jammann342 -Apr 10, 2014
Keep up the great work guys! -Jay Scott, Big Buck Podcast


Awesome - incredibly informative
by JisraeI75O -Apr 10, 2014
I started listening to this bunch while living overseas and became hooked immediately. These guys really know their stuff across a wide variety of topics - especially deer hunting in the mid-west. Having grown up in WV I can relate to all of their stories and look forward to driving to/from work passing the time with the crew. It matters to me so I’ll also mention that the guys are all Men of faith and it’s easy to see that while hunting is important, faith is their pillar in life. You’ll find their expert guest to be widely known and possessing incredible insight. Tune-in and learn about deer, life and good clean fun.


CarrieZ’s Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Podcast
by CarrieZ’s Hunting Podcast - Apr 16, 2014
Super great show!


Excellent podcast
by Joshjjl98l - May 04, 2014
Great podcast on all things outdoors.