The Hunt Fish Journal is a educational podcast hosted by Greg Barnhart, Dan Stapleton and Jerry Everhart with a passion for promoting archery, hunting and fishing in the great outdoors.

Greg Barnhart

Greg Barnhart is a custom wood worker with a great love of the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Greg started shooting archery around the age of 14 and was fascinated with the flight of the arrow from his youth. Greg started Deer hunting the Wayne National Forest in 1978 and is an avid bass fisherman who has a passion for wading the rivers of Ohio as well as fishing the reservoirs, and lakes.

Dan Stapleton

Dan Stapleton is the owner of Dan's Sport Shop in Camden, Ohio. Dan has over 35 years deer hunting experience, and is a Master Bowyer with over 25 years of experience. Dan has traveled to many destinations and fished for many species of fish. Dan's favorite is Crappie Fishing. Dan's Sport Shop is a full-line archery pro shop with indoor shooting lanes.

Jerry Everhart

Jerry Everhart is an accomplished deer and Turkey hunter and a great fisherman. Jerry’s experience in harvesting big bucks has been a passion of his for more than 40 years, taking more big bucks than the average hunter with his proven Scrape Methods during the rut.

We hope you find this pod cast insightful and entertaining.

Thank you for listening Greg, Dan and Jerry.


Walt Mitchell
HFJ Field Staff

Walter Mitchell is an employee of the state of Ohio and dedicated family man who's grown a strong passion for whitetail deer hunting over the past 20 years he enjoys sharing what he's learned over the years with other hunters on there path to success in the whitetail woods.


Henry Woodard
HFJ Field Staff

Henry and Lakeisha Woodard are "HALO", an acronym for Henry And Lakeisha Outdoors.  My wife  and I are God fearing, family oriented, Mississippi shuffling, avid hunters that suffer occasionally from buck fever and the turkey pox. Our family farms soybeans and wheat in the delta of NW Mississippi where the chasing first began.  I (Henry) am an ordained elder and locomotive electrician by trade. Lakeisha is a Prostaff Member for Women Hunt Too and Deaux Girls Scent Free Cosmetics, as well as pursuing a degree in accounting.  We have four beautiful kids being raised in the outdoors.  We really enjoy hunting and filming our hunts together as a family. Being more than average whitetail hunters, we are actively involved in the science of deer and deer hunting.  From the field to the dinner table it is common for us to enjoy nature's finest marinated in lifetime memories.

Anita Williams
HFJ Field Staff

Anita lives in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and is the mother of two adult children.  She has been a hairstylist over thirty years.  Her empty nest allows the time to pursue interests of bow hunting, fishing, adventure travel, and photography.

Williams’ parents were farmers and she grew up with four brothers and three sisters.  They lived and farmed both in Iowa and British Columbia, Canada, a providence where moose sightings occurred often.  This sparked her passion for the outdoors and fueled her adventuresome spirit.  She has fished and hunted in the countries of Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica, The Galapagos Islands, and The United States.

Williams has filmed with We Love it Outdoors, Outdoor Bound TV, TLC network and Itasca Public Television.  Her hunting photograph has been in the Bear Archery catalog for four years.  Anita conducted several podcast interviews with the Hunt Fish journal and was featured as a Huntress of Autumn, and also with Kaylee’s Outdoors on Radio Blog Talk.

Williams has taken wildlife management and fisheries management classes at Itasca Community College and earned an Associate’s Degree as well as graduating with level three in Quality Deer Managements’ Whitetail Deer Stewardship class.

Williams is media spokesperson on the board of directors for Let’s Go Fishing with Seniors, and was on the founding board of We Dream Too… a non-profit organization that donates trophy deer hunts to youth with disabilities.  Williams also serves as events coordinator on the Thrivent Financial board of directors, Kootasca Chapter.

Her outdoor adventures can be read about in a monthly column written for Adventure Sports Outdoors, Huntress Life and several other publications.   You can follow her on facebook or youtube.

Rick Brewer
HFJ Social Media

Rick Brewer works with as a content and social media specialist. With a diverse background as a Desert Storm Veteran, Public Safety Chaplain and business owner he is no stranger to meeting the demands of a highly competitive market. As a certified NASP Archery instructor he uses the sport to help youth with a structured program that provides a targeted motivation to see goals through. Allow Rick to help your business attain this focus as well!

John Taylor
HFJ Website Design and Development

Passions collided as John, owner of Modern Web Studios, found a way to take his love of graphic design combined with his love for hunting to create Since then he has made available websites with a unique combination of eye catching graphics and functionality for outfitters and equipment companies all across the country. Providing service like this isn't something new; John has been working in the graphic design field since 1997 adding full time website development to his venue in 2007. With over 400 current customers John, with his trusty staff, continue to exceed expectations one customer at a time. In continuing with this spirit John has designed and compiled hunting specific website packages to help the branding of the outfitter image and still express the individuality of the client. Let John and his team show you how you can add the word "wow" to your customers vocabulary when they see your new website. Visit today to get started.

Ed Willson

HFJ Field Staff

Ed has been hunting in the Mid West since he was 16 years old. In 2000, Ed and his close friends took up bow hunting when they purchased used bows. They started 3D Shooting and met some accomplished bow hunters. Ed got serious about deer hunting in 2001. Between 2001 and 2005 he harvested one buck and saw a lot of does. Those bucks always seem to stay out of bow range. Ed was encouraged by his father to visit Jerry Everhart to determine why he was so successful. Ed has been hunting the Rut Function hunting method since that visit. The first year he found himself looking at two big bucks at the same time while they were running his mock scrapes. Buy the time one of them had run three scrapes, he choose to shoot the biggest one. He has routinely harvested mature bucks since that year. He states that he has been able to observe many bucks on the Key days, and only requires one or two days every year. He has deer hunting figured out.